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Big Leaf: Orchard to Food Forest Conversion


Bringing a different life to this apple orchard on Orcas west coast. Adding guild plantings, pollinator schemes, an arbor, and fruiting plant diversity with medlar, loquats, figs, peach plum, nut trees, and much more.  
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Hilltop Orchard and Gardens


A residential orchard and garden with a diverse collection of species, guild planting, irrigation system, and 4 season harvest plan. The soil is poor, which presents a challenge to overcome. More info.

Orcas Christian School


A full scale permaculture and sustainability program on the school campus that includes many key permaculture features like keyhole gardens, wicking tables, catch and store energy, and food production. 
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Eagle Homestead


Carving an "Armageddon ready" permaculture homestead into a 12 acre parcel on Turtleback Mountain. Featuring root cellar, gravity irrigation, micro-hydro, orchards, food forest, native species restoration.

Camp Four Winds


Four Winds is a traditional summer camp for boys and girls ages 7 to 18 on Orcas Island in Washington State’s San Juan Islands. With over a hundred acres of woods, fields and waterfront, the camp is well situated for an impressive variety of programs and activities designed to develop skills and confidence through adventure in the out-of-doors. More info.

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