Design should be beautiful, functional, and responsible to the environment. It should be a benefit to life on earth, and not a burden. The strategy of our designs is permaculture-based: nature modelling. Our design process is thorough, beginning with analysis and observation of the local ecology and client goals. Our approach is system design, bringing systems together as a solution.


We use non-gas powered tools when possible to reduce our carbon footprint and noise pollution during implementation. We source local for materials and labor, and reuse or up-cycle when the opportunity is right. What's the point of creating a sustainable landscape if its creation causes more ecological damage than it will offset over its lifetime? 


We love teaching what we know and offer training by the hour. We also offer service  to business and individuals to maintain your site year 'round. Otherwise, do you need help building your soil, or pruning, transplanting? Got a critter problem? Compost still just an old pile of food scraps sitting in the yard? How about adding pollinator support, or just becoming more sustainable?